Illustration print on fine cloth paper.

A3 size (29.7 x 42 cm).

Theme: Anthurium composition.


An inspirational journey between nature and the power of women in all its facets 

Carolina Palella, Textile Designer and Illustrator.

Each illustration created by Carolina Palella reflects her world of reference, her tastes and passions.Women, nature (especially flowers), and food, depicted through vibrant palettes and unusual contrasts describe a vital, retro and evocative feminine imagery with an exotic touch.Her work as a textile designer and her passion for fashion translate into images that are both artistic and decorative.

All proposed prints are limited copies of original paintings, in acrylic and pencil.

Shipping is generally within 3-5 days. Shipping time depends on the destination. If you need more urgent shipping please contact me via the form in my Boutique. Thank you very much Carolina

About Carolina Palella

I am Carolina and I have been involved in illustration and pattern design for years. This choice turned out to suit my desire to marry pure creativity with concrete aspects related to the usability of a product. A way to convey beauty and color around the world! My work can arise from my own free cue or from a client's idea, with whom I work in synergy to achieve a result that reflects and enhances the project. The study of color and shapes, the search for imagery and cues from the present and the past, art and travel, represent for me the daily stimulus that connotes my style and taste. I mainly paint with traditional drawing and painting techniques to make my artistic hand and personality absolutely recognizable.


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