Spruce Green Fedora


Fedora model hat made of fine fir-green velour felt handmade in Italy.

The brim is 6 or 7 cm. Standard size 57 cm.

A passion for natural shapes and materials

Each piece is unique because of the natural material and handwork. And when it takes its shape, it is the ultimate expression of creativity that can still be surpassed by the various accessories that can be added as decoration and that you will also find applied in my Boutique.

The article is handcrafted with a manual production process of more than twenty steps. Some characteristic marks such as veining or different shades of color are to be considered peculiar aspects of a natural product.Any imperfections are not to be considered defects but distinctive elements of a handcrafted product of high tailoring. This is a high quality garment made entirely in Italy.

The garment keeps warm, shelters from the cold, and in rain or snow does not get ruined; you let it dry, brush it off, and it's good as new.

Caring for the Hat
To care for your felt hat, follow these simple step-by-step tips:
To maintain shape, lift the hat with both hands using the front and back brim. Do not pick up the Hat by the dome. Avoid hanging the Hat on the same side all the time;
to remove dust use a pure bristle brush, combing the fiber in its natural direction. Then, expose the Hat to the steam jet of an iron to sanitize and reinvigorate the felt;
to remove small stains, use a dampened cloth by exerting a circular motion without excessive pressure;
store the hat away from light, moisture and heat sources in an anti-mothproof container.

The order is generally shipped within 2-3 days.

About "Lilly hats"

I am Isabella, Lilly is my mom's name, and this project was born at a particular moment in life a few years ago when I decided to turn it upside down by changing jobs. From the courtrooms, because I was a lawyer, I decided to become creative. Unable to sit on my hands, I started a bit for fun by taking my first millinery course with my historical English master while he was in Italy and learned how to make my first hats; from there I went wild choosing materials, patterns and going around the world to take refresher courses. The art of hat making begins with finding fine raw materials. It is a job that requires high manual dexterity and a sense for aesthetic forms. Like a sculptor carving the desired shape out of stone, the milliner with the right time and precise choice and preparation of materials forms a hat, such as using felt that takes its shape with steam treatment. Then the final finishing touches are what will give it a unique touch.


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